Challenges of an Advocate/Mediator

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  • Published : November 7, 2011
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Challenges of Being an Advocate or Mediator
Stephanie Jones
Advocacy and Mediation BSHS 441
Christian F. Johnson, MS, LCSW

Challenges of Being an Advocate or Mediator
In this paper of Challenges of Being an Advocate and Mediator the ethical, moral, and legal challenges of potential dual relationships will be explored. My opinion on the integration of advocacy and mediation in the human services field will be discussed. This paper will close with an identification of my personal philosophy and individual approach to advocating and mediating within the agency of the Seriously Mentally ill. Potential Dual Relationship Challenges

Some of the moral, ethical and legal challenges that an advocate/mediator can face in a dual relationship are as follows. In a dual relationship the advocate/mediator might deal with the issues of the client over stepping their boundaries, and the client becoming more vulnerable and dependent on them for help. The advocate/mediator can also have the challenge of familiarity issues, this particular challenge is important to maintain because it can interfere with the authority that the advocate/mediator should have with the client. The most major legal challenges that the advocate/mediator has is that of conflict of interest and possible being sued for misguidance. (Zur & Lazerus, 2002).

Integration of Advocacy and Mediation
With the integration of advocacy and mediation in the human services field, I feel that advocacy and mediation is needed because each client that comes for help has different needs and the attention of an advocate or mediator to solve a problem/situation is needed. The best part of advocacy and mediation is that the advocate or mediator is a neutral party in the middle to settle the conflict in question. An advocate or mediator also helps to make it easier for the client to see a positive end to their problem/situation.

Advocating and Mediating
As an advocate or mediator for a...
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