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  • Published : January 5, 2009
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The upcoming presidential election is a constant in the media this time of year and the controversy surrounding the candidates is most often the subject. One of the more controversial issues in this year’s election is the Republican Party’s vice-presidential candidate, Governor Sarah Palin. She is the first female to be appointed as a vice-presidential candidate in the United States which makes the issue one of gender diversity, and she is also highly controversial due to her extremely conservative beliefs which complicate the cultural diversification issues of the election as a whole. The media is reporting on the conservative views of Palin in conflict with the very liberal views of Senator Obama which does much to bring to light the full spectrum of cultural issues present within the candidates’ personal beliefs as well as their stance on political issues.

Media Reaction Paper
Our nation is currently frenzied with the 2008 presidential election getting close. One of the most highly controversial topics is the Republican Party’s vice presidential candidate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. She is one of the more popular speakers at the moment, even more popular than her running mate, current United States Senator John McCain. Her public visibility has brought with it much contempt from Democratic supporters as well as some less-conservative Republican supporters. While Sarah Palin, herself, is a great topic to discuss, there is the larger topic of a female in general possible taking the office as vice president of the United States. The media is reporting both sides of the issue, whether it is support or contempt from the public at large. Attempt to Address the Diversity Represented in the American Landscape “While women represent a minority of elected positions, Clinton, Pelosi, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and many others have demonstrated that women can reach the heights of political power” (Lucas, 2008)....
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