Gap Analysis: Riodoran

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Gap Analysis: Riordan

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Gap Analysis: Riordan
Riodoran has entered the global market. Its new plant in China is evidence, they are using researching resources, markets, and customer needs to remain competitive. This is a new experience for Riodoran where other locations are based in the United States. The Riodoran corporate culture is based on American culture which values diversity. Based on the labor market in China, to properly staff their plant they will have to recruit outside the local talent pool into neighboring regions. This will provide a diverse workforce in the new plant. Riordan is faced with creating a strategy to develop a culture within the plant that will allow employees to work harmoniously and effectively. Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification
Riordan has researched the pros and cons on how the new plant will affect business strategy, but when dealing with the staff for new facility, they are finding they have to recruit from outside the local talent pool to attain the employees with the skills needed to be successful. With the diverse workforce, there is potential conflict between the different cultures and backgrounds of the employees. “The term culture refers to a way of life—traditions and customs—transmitted through learning, which play a vital role in molding the beliefs and behavior of the people exposed to them” (Kottak and Kazaitis, 2003). To create an environment, Riordan will need to develop a strategy to promote communication and learning to develop a blended corporate culture. With this diverse workforce, Riordan will have to develop an environment in which different cultures can work together. Riordan will have to incorporate American values of tolerance and acceptance of different values and cultures. “Integral to contemporary American mass culture is human diversity. To be mainstream today increasingly means to be multicultural—exposed to and tolerant of, if not active in, a myriad of customs, traditions, and rituals” (Kottak and Kazaitis, 2003). Riordan corporate culture is based on American culture where diversity is encouraged. “Cultures in contact typically get traits from each other through borrowing or diffusion” Kottak & Kazaitis, 2003). Per Webb (2008), culture is fluid and flexible and can change by the needs of society based on the studies by Eric L. Jones. The new plant will not have the same values as Riordan because of geographical differences in culture. Therefore, Riodoran will need to provide flexibility to the management staff in the new plant to create a strategy using some of the American values and blending them into the current existing culture of the area. Many organizations retain symbols or aspects of the current culture when trying to incorporate change within a culture. For example, Christianity incorporates some of the pagan religious symbols when evangelizing Christianity to make it easier to accept (Layser, 2000). Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

The corporate officers are investing in the new plant to help improve efficiencies and improve trade with global markets in Asia and Europe. Corporate officers are concerned that Riodoran culture can be implemented within a diverse workforce. Managers at the plant are tasked with creating a diverse yet productive workforce of blended cultures; creating an environment in which diversity is accepted and encouraged. Riodoran employees are a blend from local talent as well as recruited Pakistan, Indians, and Koreans to incorporate additional skills and talents needed. Employees are from different cultures and will need to communicate and work together seamlessly. Although Riodoran corporate officers want all areas of the organization to have the same corporate culture, they should understand that due to geographically culture differences will not allow this. The...
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