Sarah Palin: an Effecitve Leader

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Sarah Palin: A Natural Effective Leader
A leader is someone who inspires people, who can be clutch as a forerunner to get started on a way of thinking; or sometimes a leader is the fearless one who steps in a place no one has dared to and when they do, they do so without remorse. A leader doesn’t look back at what has passed, but instead looks ahead at what’s to come. A leader is honest, caring and has integrity. A leader confronts challenges and does not let the voice of haters or malicious people bring them down. A great leader, not just a leader can do all of these things and when they are pushed down they can get back up and keep going like no one has touched them. A leader, who fits this description in my eyes, is Sarah Palin.

Politics is a hard world, it’s a ‘you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t’ kind of environment and nobody really makes it out being the hero. You are criticized constantly so you need to have an impenetrable self-esteem and beliefs that are solid and unwavering. (As if people never change their mind). If you’re a democrat, republicans believe that you have an ‘everything goes’ kind of attitude and you’re basically out to take money from people who are hard workers (which let’s face it, they are); and if you’re republican, democrats believe that you want the rich to stay rich and the poor to stay poor (try working for a living…). Basically, no matter what you stand for, you will have people who criticize you, who will try to bring you down and make any of your blunders look far worse than they really are. This brings me to Sarah Palin, who is a fine example of someone whose been chewed up and spit out by the political posse and the liberal media. She is someone that took a lot of hits because of her strong beliefs, and yet still strives forward today with an iron will.

Sarah Louise Palin was born February 11th, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho. She moved to Alaska with her family when she was only a few months old and jumped around a bit until finally settling down in Wasilla in 1972. Sarah is the third of four children, her father was a science teacher and a track and field coach and her mother was a school secretary. In high school, Sarah was a member of the girls’ high school basketball team and the cross country team. She was the head of the Fellowship for Christian Athletes and as a senior she was co-captain and point guard for the basketball team that won the 1982 Alaska State Championship where she earned the nickname, “Sarah Barracuda” for her competitive streak and aggressiveness. Sarah went to many different colleges and universities some being Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu and North Idaho College, but it wasn’t until she went to the University of Idaho where she received a bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism in 1987.

Sarah Palin showed early signs of leadership, those being the kind you get for leading a sports team and those you get for taking the initiative to graduate college. Her traits in leadership were really not shown or put to the test however until her political career which she is known more famously for. She started out by being elected on the city council in Wasilla in 1992, and from there she ran for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska in 1996 and won both the first time around and her re-election. During her two three-year terms as Mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin developed her executive and administrative experience, and put her Transformational Leadership skills to the test. Sarah Palin won her Mayoral election with 75% of the vote in a three-way race. The Mayor’s position of Wasilla is a CEO type job over a multimillion dollar entity. Some of the objectives that Sarah was able to accomplish were her ability to cut taxes, eliminated small business inventory taxes, eliminated property taxes, eliminated business license renewal fees and cut the real estate property tax mil levy during each year in office. Some...
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