Sarah Palin

Topics: Sarah Palin, United States presidential election, 2008, Republican Party Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: July 3, 2011
Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin played a quite a controversial role in American politics. The side can easily be argued both ways, yet the positive affect she had is what lingers on to me after reading about her many roles. Although many will argue that Sarah Palin was a “clown” or had high “celebrity momentum” (Peggy Dexler), I think she was very intelligent and played a tremendous role in women being involved in American politics. Sara Palin has “been very savvy in appealing to women to broaden her base.” (Anne Leary.) Sara Palin’s role in American politics has caused her to get woman active in American politics. During the election against John McCain and Barack Obama, due to Sara Palin’s role with McCain’s campaign Obama lost “college-educated women and a big number of Tea Party leadership woman as well.” (Anne Leary.) Worry about debt and the implications for the next generation drew woman into political activism, some for the first time that year. Due to Sara Palin Democrats couldn’t take woman for granted during the election. There are no political limits facing women. Women routinely serve as Senators, governors (like Sarah Palin), and cabinet officers. Sarah Palin’s role in American politics is revealing “that there are no positions that women cannot fill.” (Michelle D. Bernard.) Gov. Sarah Palin demonstrated that she was an accomplished politician: she defeated the incumbent governor in her state’s primary and a former governor in general election, while caring for a husband and five children. Palin’s role in American politics is revealing the fact that women can achieve political success and maintain the ideal “soccer mom” role. Sarah Palin may not be the role model of American politics, but the role she plays is very necessary. Without Sarah Palin in American politics the hope that one day having a woman in the White House is only a matter of time.
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