Trends in Popular Culture

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  • Published : October 4, 2008
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Trends in Popular American Culture

Trends in Popular American Culture

American culture has evolved so much in the last 40 years, it is amazing. So many things that are acceptable now, would have never been considered in the past. I will be discussing the social trend of using my space on the internet to create friendships and more serious relationships, the newest political trend of a women name Sarah Palin with a very controversial pasts running for vice president, the personal trends of drug use among young people, and last the religious trend sexual abuse cases in the roman catholic church. was started in July, 2003 for the purpose of social networking. Friends who want to talk online, single people who want to meet other singles, families that want to keep in touch, classmates, artists, and business people can all benefit from the use of ( The thing about social networking online is that 10 years ago if people used to internet to make relationships they would be considered to be a “Loaner.” Now is so popular that they have over 100 million accounts, which is quite a big change from the 90’s. (

On December 4, 2006 Governor Sarah Palin made history by becoming to first women to be elected as governor, she became the 11th governor of Alaska. (McCain & Palin, 2008) The 2008 republican candidate for president, John McCain has chosen Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate in the election this year. (McCain & Palin) Many mixed feeling exist about McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin. Some American’s are happy about the decision; however, many people are unsure about Palin, due to the fact that she is currently under investigation. Palin is currently under investigation to determine if she abused her power by in firing Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. The legislative council approved 100,000 dollars for the investigation that will find out whether Palin was angry at Monegan for...
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