Media Effecting Children

Topics: Violence, Media violence research, Psychology Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Assignment #2
Peer-Reviewed Article Search
Name: Upasana Anami Mehta

1. How does this article relate to the media article you selected for the first assignment ? This article talks about how violence in media affects a child's behavior . The article states that research shows violence in media increases aggressive and violent behaviors in a child and young adults. The first assignment was about a man stabbing college students in Texas , he had fantasized cutting people's faces since childhood . Everything that children see or hear in the media affects them in some way, either in a positive or negative way. Based on this article it is likely this suspect was exposed to violent media during his childhood and possibly has a history of abuse, some sort of depression or a mental illness. If this was untreated, it is possibly now affecting his mind and the reason he was drawn to slashing peoples necks . Children and young adults who have been exposed to violence in the media tend to be hateful, they often become afraid of the world around them and end up more likely to behave aggressively or try to hurt people around them . On the other hand, the article also states that positive parenting role is important, parents need to be thoughtful , caring and need to pay special attention to their children; to what they allow them to watch and how they are interpreting what they are seeing.

2. What is one question you are left with after reading this article ? Is media violence really damaging to children and young adults?

3. How do you know your article is a scholarly article ? This is a research article , it has been written by a scholar or professional in the field ; this article contains references to sources used in the article. This article was selected from :

4. Submit a copy of your article in .pdf format
- see attached article
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