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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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1. What are the main keywords from your Reflexive Journal Paper topic? What are some synonyms or related terms for those keywords? Connect these your search terms with Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) to create a search statement. What is your search statement? (Note that this question has 3 parts. You must answer all 3 parts.) A. Main keywords: strategic partner role of human resource, key business decisions, human resource management, legal compliance, diversity, total rewards, training and development B. Synonyms: HR role, business functions, HR purpose, HRM, EEO C. “Human Resource” or “HR” and “Strategic role” and “business decision”

2. Enter your search statement in UMUC Library OneSearch. (You may either run your search across all OneSearch databases or use the drop-down menu to run your search in subject-specific OneSearch databases.) How many results did you get? 1,484,424 results

3. Enter the same search statement in just one database chosen from an appropriate subject guide. Which subject guide did you use to find a database? What database did you choose? Why did you choose that database? How many results did you get when you ran your search in that database? (Note that this question has 4 parts. You must answer all 4 parts.) A. Business and Marketing Subject

B. Business Source Complete
C. Because I think it will be more relevant to my topic.
D. 217,759 results

4. Compare and contrast the results from your searches for #2 and #3. The results from my search # 3 is less than my search # 2 because search # 3 is more specific and it’s only from one database source.

5. Choose one article from your search results for #2 or #3 and use it to answer each of the following questions:

Human Resources Issues in Local Government: Yesterday’s Headlines Remain Today’s “Hot Topics”

A) How can you tell whether the article that you found is scholarly and/or authoritative? I selected “scholarly journal” under refine search

B) Based on the article’s...
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