Topics: Child abuse, Violence, Domestic violence Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Brown, Brett V, and Sharon Bzostek. "Violence in the Lives of Children." Cross Currents. 1.1 (2003). Print. Vanesa San Miguel
Brett, Brown, and Bzostek examine the violence in children lives. Question them if media is really the cause of violence or do they come from homes that are violent. The article discusses that half of the reports where were from their own homes. For example, “In 2001, 903,000 cases of child abuse and neglect were reported to and substantiated by child welfare authorities” (4). Half of the other reports state the article were not reported, which some cases it’s mostly common. Violence in homes can sometimes be learned by children and then later used in school. For example, “In 2001, one-third of all high school students reported being in a physical fight within the last year” (7). The article question if media was the cause for the violence the writers report that the violence occurred when they watch TV, or play violent video games. What could really be the cause the violence in children in today’s world? Brett, Brown, and Bzostek gathered information on the cases that were reported. The article mentation’s how children by the age of 18 the child would have seen 26,000 killings on television. (1) The television also reports that they televise on average violent shows in just six months. (1) What are children learning if violence is in their life’s on a daily bases. Shows in general should be more to a later time or put on a different channel were only the parent could access to the TV show. Some information that is the article reports that children in Chicago will witness a shooting by age of 5. Media is not the main cause for children witnessing violence is all around them. Trying to protect them from everything would be difficulty, but putting them in a safe environment would be a first step. The writers also report that toys are now being shown and viewed as an act of violence. For example, “commercial link up of toys that promote...
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