Analysis of Whodunit- the Media

Topics: Violence, Media violence research, Aggression Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: October 28, 2012
In Maggie Cutler’s essay, “Whodunit- The Media?” the author communicates how media violence influences children in a real life state persuading them to become more violent (Cutler 684). Individuals do not realize that children not only become aggressive because of their home atmosphere or certain life situations, but also because they are easily influenced by the media. The media plays a major role in childrens’ lives, even if the situation just involves watching innocent cartoons on the television. Movies can pressure children to become more hostile as a person. Maggie Cutler analyzes in her essay, “Whodunit- The Media?”, how media affects children, demonstrating that children who are involved in violent media are more susceptible to practice it.

The Senate Judiciary Committee led by Orrin Hatch explains in Cutler’s essay how television’s accountability is highly important: “‘Television alone is responsible for 10 percent of youth violence.’” According to statistics, there were 250 murders and 12,100 violent crimes, which entailed by mentioning if Batman Beyond never played, these crimes would never have been completed (684). Parents need to discuss the media with their child and explain to them that most of the stories and plots they watch on television are mostly fiction and they are exaggerated for show. Once parents have a talk with their child, the child will be able to understand what they are watching (Cutler 688). Cutler continues, “The APA adds that parental guidance along with reducing kids’ exposure to graphic violence can help keep them out of the correctional system (687).

The reason kids tend to become aggressive while they are exposed to influential media is because they mix up the difference between reality and fantasy. In time, children will find out the difference between both. Cutler states, “Kids understand early that cartoon violence is a joke, not a model. Even wrestling, once kids figure out that it’s staged, gets processed...
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