Gabriel Vara

Topics: Adolescence, Drug addiction, Acts of the Apostles Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Gabriel Vara
Mr. Fulton
English 1302
February 6th, 2013
Summary: “Stop Blaming Kids and TV”
Mike Males, in “Stop Blaming Kids and TV,” inscribes government officials have blamed today’s media on the acts of kids and young adults, how the impact of violence, drug, and alcohol abuse can ruin children’s lives. Parents need to notice that their own behavior has a major influence on their children’s lives and futures. He makes strong statements that the media does not influence adolescent violence, drug, and alcohol abuse. He supports his opinion with many examples including the comparison of television violence and real actual violence. Males notes, “Kids will witness at least 200,000 acts of television violence by the time her or she are completing high school.” Males then brings up the fact, children “Mimic,” their parents and other adults in their household. In the article the text reads, “Seventy-Five percent of all teenage smokers come from homes where parents smoke.” Mr. Males also mentioned, “Abuse to a child can cause them to turn out violent as an adult.” A child’s parents or parent most likely will over look the possibility of imposing a corrupt lifestyle on their own child. He also comments, “The biggest predictor of whether a teen will become a smoker, a drunk, or a druggie is whether or not the child grows up amid adults addicts.” Children are even vulnerable to other older young adults committing crimes, drugs, and alcohol abuse. Now days, all children are victims to peer pressure just to be seen for a few meaning less moments in the limelight of popularity. Kids sometimes aren’t taught the honorable values because either the parents of the children are over looking the concept of the preparation and the importance of making the correct choices in life or the parents weren’t trained themselves.

Males closes his article with a statement referring towards children , are more likely influenced and at risk in their own...
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