Measuring Crime

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Crime is usually committed by the criminals with no problem, but it’s what comes after the crime that the victim is faced with that is the hard part. Crimes are supposed to be reported but unfortunately, sometimes victims fail to report them. People often forget how important reporting crime is. Without these crime reports it becomes very difficult to collect crime data. However, for all the unreported crimes, there are reported crimes, as well. When crimes are reported, it becomes easier for officials to collect crime data and measure crime. The main way crime is measured is by surveys and official records. There are various surveys and records used across the nation to monitor and measure the crime that takes place. 

The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) is a large database, complied by the FBI, of crimes reported and arrests made each year throughout the United States. It is used for measuring crime. Criminologists also use the UCR as a way to have a better understanding of the nature and extent of crime as well. Statistics, according to various policing agencies put their data into computers, and it's then sorted by regions. About 17,000 records are complied from these various agencies. Once all the crime is recorded from the agencies by the FBI, it is then split in two parts, part I and part II crimes. Part I crimes are the eight most serious offenses in the UCR. These serious offenses are murder, forceable rape, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, arson, larceny and motor vehicle theft. Part I crimes are considered to be more serious and violent in comparison to Part II crimes. More physical action is involved along with more serious punishments. Part II crimes, otherwise known as the latter group, include offenses such as drug offenses, sex crimes, and vandalism, and any other minor offenses. Along with, recording reported crimes, data is also collected for the number and characteristics of those arrested in the various crimes.

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