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Appendix B


UCR and Self-Report Data

Complete the matrix below. To complete this matrix, list two pros and two cons of Uniform Crime Report (UCR) data and two pros and two cons of self-report data.

|Statistical Information |Pros |Cons | |Official Information: |One pro about the UCR is that it can be |One con about the UCR is that it only incudes crimes that| |Uniform Crime Report (UCR)|helpful to us by telling us what types of |were reported by the victims. For example if there were | | |crimes are being committed in that city or |50 crimes sexual abuse in a city and only 20 of those | | |state. Another pro is that the UCR is done on |sexual abuse were reported then it’s not an accurate | | |an annually basis and can determine if the |crime report. Another con is that there are certain | | |crime rate is down or up within the past year.|participating agencies that will report what crimes that | | | |are being committed in there state or city. We need to | | | |have everyone participating so that we can have an | | | |accurate UCR. | | | | | | | | | | | | | |...
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