Me and My Two Daughters

Topics: Sleep, Sleep disorder, Education Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Stephanie Ammons
English 95 7:30-9:50
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Me and My Two Daughters

Raising two daughters is very hard work. It takes so much of your time and energy. Not to mention the sleep problems that comes with it. Also dealing with the education systems. These are just some of the difficulties that come along with raising two daughters. Time is the most important aspect of having kids. Over the years your patience grows. I was twenty when I had my first child, at that time I had none. Its something I had had to learn over the years. My oldest has mental issues, making her mind it takes a lot of patience. The doctors say she has adjustment disorder with mood problems. It also can be very time consuming figuring out what works best for her. Waiting at the doctors that they have to go too, takes so much patience especially when they don't want to mind. Making time to spend with my kids is very important to me. They won't remember the things they had, but the time I spent with them. Kadence my seven month old she requires a lot of attention. You also have to make time to cook dinner, eat, give the kids a bath, and the bed time stories. In between all this also making time for your self. I swear sometimes that its never ending like the laundry, dishes, and playtime. Having a tea party, with my oldest Katlin, seems like it takes forever, because she has to make her tea and cookies just right. I can't forget the baby is constantly wanting fed or her diaper changed. When it comes to sleep with me there is no such thing. Its late night study sessions and homework for me. Some times I wish my girls would go to sleep earlier, but that don't happen. Katlin wakes up a number of time during the night. She has night terrors, so her sleeping sound is not something I see very often. When she does sleep all the way threw the night its peace and quiet, well until Kadence wakes up. She still wakes up in the middle of the night wanting a bottle or sippie cup. That can at times...
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