Why Daughters Need Their Fathers

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Why does a daughter need a good dad?
Fathers have a tremendous influence in their daughter’s lives. The research shows that daughters need their fathers and this influence determines a great deal of how the future will go. There is something special about the father/daughter relationship. I am the daddy of two very awesome little girls so I have firsthand experience and a keen appreciation for this subject. I want my daughters to have the best start in life possible. The responsibility I feel is weighty especially after I read the information below about how crucial a father’s role really is. The Reasons Daughters Need Their Fathers

One of my most popular articles is 25 Things Every Father Must Teach His Daughter About Life. I was inspired to put it together after I read Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know by Meg Meeker, M.D. Dr. Meeker is a pediatrician. She has seen what a father’s influence means in the lives of girls from the counseling she’s done in her practice. If you are a daddy of girls, then you need to read this book. It should be mandatory for all fathers with daughters. I’m going to borrow some of Dr. Meeker’s stuff today to help you see why fathers are so important to the future success and happiness of their daughters. Here are three reasons daughters need their fathers:

1. Your Daughter Needs Your Protection
Protection comes in many forms. Of course, when girls are young, they need us to protect them physically. However, as they grow up and venture out on their own, we can’t always be right there with them. But, we can still protect them by instilling in them confidence, wisdom and a sense that they are loved deeply by the most important man in their lives. You see, whether you want to admit it or not, our culture can sometimes be a very toxic and dangerous place for young women. Here are just a few of the disturbing statistics that Dr. Meeker cites in her book: •Over 40% of girls 14 to 17 years...
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