Me and My Friend

Topics: Nicholas Sparks, Question, Thought Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Before I knew exactly what I was going to do as my research question I knew I either wanted it to deal with movies I like or food and nutrition. The more I though about what topic to chose i decided to chose movies. My favorite types of movies are the sad romantic movies so i though it would be a good idea to see how girls react to those movies. Often those movies make girls cry and become emotional or they wish they could have the type of relationship in the movie. I had a list of a lot of sad movies but i figured it would be better to chose 3 or 4 well known movies so anybody i interviewd would have seen them. The movies i chose to go with are Dear John, The Notebook, and The Last Song. My initial question was going to be, do movies like Dear John, The Notebook, and The Last Song make you question realtionships or make you sad or both. Although after thinking about that question i fugured it was a yes or no answer and i could have some trouble writing a paper on it. I though i would have more luck if i refrased my question to be, how do movies like Dear John, The Notebook, and The Last Song make you question realtionships and make you feel. I thought if i asked the question like this i could go into talking about how it made people question relationships and what relationships they questioned, or how and why they felt a certain way. When i ask people questions about these movies i plan to ask tennage girls because usually if i boy feels that way during a movie he wont own up to it.
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