Mckinsey and Company: Managing Knowledge and Learning

Topics: Management consulting, McKinsey & Company, Marvin Bower Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: June 10, 2012
Natalee Campbell
Professor Lippert
April 13, 2012.

McKinsey and Company: managing knowledge and learning

1)The small firm “accounting and engineering advisors” was able to grow into the world’s most prestigious consulting firm in 50 years by focusing on the one firm vision. The most difficult internal challenge that the company faced was how to manage, release and benefit from the knowledge already held by the experts within the company.nThis required the effort of all the experts to communicate their findings. The support systems like PDNet and FPIS which were created, aided in helping consultants to publish their work. However, even after this was accomplished one of the most important issues still remained. This issue was the need the for the change of the consultants. Consultants would have to change from T-shaped to I-shaped for the knowledge infrastructure to be effective. This required more specialization which contrasted with the original requirement. All of these factors were conducive to McKinsey developing a competitive advantage over the competition. The sense of professionalism engrained in the consultants by first McKinsey and later Bower also helped to give the firm a unique source of competitive advantage. Bower's vision was that the firm would adhere to the highest level of integrity, ethics and technical excellence. He also wanted the firm to be one that attracted and developed the brightest male talent and also to be committed to advancing in stature and influence.

2) in 1971 the commission of Firm Aims and Goals proposed that the firm recommit itself to the continuous development of its members. It further proposed that emphasis be placed on the development on T-shaped consultants. In response to the committees suggestions, when Ron Daniel became GM one of his first moves was to appoint one of the firms respected partners as the first full time director of training. He also created industry-based clientele sectors. Additionally...
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