Memo to the Department Heads of Pegasus to Describe the Goals of the Change Initiative, Which Is the Reorganization. in This Memo You Must Gain the Trust of the Department Heads by a Clear Explanation for the Need for Change

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Running Head: Internal and External Consultant

Internal and External Consultant
Phase 1 Db 2
By: Tosha Jones
Professor: Phyllis Parise
Colorado Technical University Online

This paper is going to talk about the duties of the internal and external consultants. What the roles are and the responsibilities and their functions are within organizations. It will also talk about their duties and the differences between them. We can’t forget about the advantages and the disadvantages of using the both types of consultants. We will also be talking about the impact on the organization and its employees. We need to find out what will work better for the company or organization, so we need to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the internal and external consultants.

A Consultant is a person that is either hired or from the organization to help with the changes that they are doing. They are people that responsible for helping the clients. They are to deliver difficult information to the client. Their function is to process everything to make the change. The consultant’s role is to is to be authentic. That means that they have to be honest and ethical in their work. Internal Consultants

The internal consultant is permanently hired for their company. They work for the organization and are on the payroll. They have a limited by perception and position in the organization. They help their clients address problems and improve business and organization results. They are the ones that have the passion for the wisdom and expertise they bring to the organization. “They are seen as saviors bringing wise counsel” (Scott & Hascall, 2012). The advantages is that they will gain trust with the team members cause they have worked with them a long time as in at least 6 months. The internal consulting struggling for projects, they will have no source of income during that time that they are waiting for work. External Consultants

The external consultant...
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