Immediately After Graduation, in What Role Do You See Yourself Working? Why? How Will Your Experiences Help You Achieve This Goal? (Maximum 600 Words)

Topics: Management, Management consulting, Strategic management Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: July 21, 2011
As I intend to extend my expertise beyond technology consulting and enhance my decision making abilities towards management perspective, I look forward to a career in business consulting post management education. I strongly believe MBA is imperative at this juncture to develop strong business acumen so that I can look forward to an interesting role as business consultant with a focus on customer strategy and marketing. My bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Osmania University, India, set the foundation for structured thinking and problem solving. During my corporate journey at Wipro Technologies, I was engaged in IT operations and consulting for customers from various industries such as transportation, logistics and media services .I helped optimize their business so that they could achieve their organizational goals efficiently. By virtue of my strong interpersonal skills, I was given the opportunity to lead a highly complex SAP project. This provided me the chance to understand the key business processes and provide solutions by interacting with the client. The international exposure was a major turning point in my professional career as it created a passion to gain deeper knowledge about the business environment such as the market, the customers and the competitors. Through my pre-sales experience, I encountered the nuances of consulting again by responding to requests from clients and providing proposals that meet customer’s needs. I understand a successful consultant has to be well versed with fundamentals of market analysis, pricing, branding and suggest strategies in sync with changing market dynamics. Therefore, I strongly believe that with my technical knowledge coupled with good managerial and business administration skills with strong grounding in finance, marketing and strategy, I will be able to handle business aspects of the company intelligently, present technical solutions and strategic business proposals to clients, and thus...
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