Mcdonald's National Hiring Day

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McDonald’s National Hiring Day
Juan Sebastian Yanguas
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

McDonald’s National Hiring Day

McDonald’s national hiring day was only one day which they received thousands of application from people in the United States and they were trying to hire 50,000 new people. Crew and management positions were the types of jobs McDonald’s were seeking for. There are 14,000 McDonald’s in the Unites States and the company stated that one of the reasons to hire so many people in one day was to increase the workforce so more of its restaurants could stay open 24 hours a day. (Censky, 2011) Another goal for McDonald’s innovative idea was to promote the image of a job in McDonald’s (Mc Job) as something positive and not as a “bad” job like most people think when it comes to working at McDonald’s. The company stated that around 75 percent of McDonald’s managers and about half of its franchisees began their careers as store workers. McDonald’s would also like to increase the U.S. workforce to 700,000 from its current level of 650,000. (Need a Job? McDonald's to Hire 50,000, 2011) McDonald’s national hiring day is a good example of an innovative management idea because it’s going to require staffing, organizational structure, employee training and development, development leadership skills, and motivating employees. Staffing is going to require job analysis, recruitment, and selection. Organizing work is going to require division of labor, empowerment, and delegation. Employee training and development is going to require orientation, training and management development. Developing leadership skills is going to teach employees about leadership and management, leader attitudes, and basic leadership styles. Motivating employees is going to talk about achievement-power-affiliation, motivation-maintenance, and job satisfaction. McDonald’s decided to use the staffing method to increase their business. McDonald’s used a process called job analysis which determines the important information about a specific job after lots of reading and studying. What the company wants after the job analysis are the job specifications and the job descriptions. Job specifications are basically the qualifications a person needs in order to perform the job they are applying for. A job description is basically a paper with all the information about the duties and activities about the job. (Rue, 2009) Since McDonald’s needed to hire 50,000 people, they used the recruitment process. Recruitment process involves looking and bringing a group of people from which at the end only the qualified candidates will be selected. The best way for a company to fill job openings is to look inside the company. If employees don’t deserve or don’t meet the requirements to get promoted the company can always get brand new people. Brand new employees could cost more and could require more time since older employees would get just a rise and they already know the job. In this case, McDonald’s could promote crew members to management positions but they would still need to hire more people for the crew positions. (Rue, 2009) McDonald’s use the selection process when they were deciding who to hire. The selection process is basically choosing out of thousands of people who are going to get the job that meets the requirements. Human resources people are the ones who start the process of selecting people by disqualifying the ones that don’t meet the standards, but the final decision of who are they going to hire is up to the manager that has the job opening. There are seven steps in the selection process: 1. Preliminary screening from application form, resume, employer records, etc. 2. Preliminary interview

3. Testing
4. Reference checks
5. Employment interview
6. Physical examination
7. Personal judgment (Rue, 2009)
Once McDonald’s have hired all the people they need it, they are going to have to re-organized work since they have...
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