Mcdonalds Recruting

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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McDonalds Recruiting & Selection
Lillian Atkins
BUS 3040
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

21730 Westport Avenue
Euclid, Ohio 44123
Telephone: 216-926-3108
Instructor: Sally Buffkin

A business reputation ultimately depends on the quality of its products. McDonald’s is the biggest and fastest growing worldwide restaurant chain that uses recruitment and training policies that are intended to maintain a high quality staff. McDonalds demonstrate appreciation by providing customers with high quality food, and excellent service. A typical McDonald’s restaurant employs about 60 individuals. Customers are an important asset of McDonald’s because customer satisfaction begins with the attitudes and abilities of employees who are committed and effective. For these reasons, McDonald’s strives to attract and hire the best, and to provide the best establishment to work. Recruiting and training is expensive, therefore businesses look to keep staff turnover to a minimum. Researching McDonald’s headquarters as well as the franchises I will be addressing the following issues. 1. McDonald’s current state of labor.

2. McDonald’s recruiting policies, and recruiting methods. 3. McDonald’s recruiting sources, internal and external. 4. How McDonald’s evaluate the selection process for hiring.

McDonalds, Recruiting and Selection
McDonald’s Corp. and its franchisees hosted a national hiring day on April 19, 2012 to fill hundreds of positions for crew members and restaurant managers. With the vast amount of hiring McDonald’s did on national hire day, the number of teenage applicants is dwindling. For years, McDonald’s has manned its crews largely on teenagers. In the 1990s, 45% of its U.S. employees were under 20, today its 33% of the workforce which totals 650,000. Forty percent of the top fifty managers worked their way up from the cash register, crew member, etc. Computerized cash...
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