Management Skills Learning & Development Plan

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Career Goal and Opportunities ________________________________________

As a first time manager my short term goal (next 2-3 years) is to establish myself in my current role and develop my management skills. Drucker (2005) discusses the importance of working to my strengths, having good self-awareness and an understanding how I perform. As part of my career goal I would like to complete the relevant tertiary education (MBA) to equip me with the tools to enable my success.

As a medium term goal (next 3-5 years) my aim is to move up into a regional management position to further develop my practical experience, expand my area of expertise from predominantly mortgage sales to a broader scope of business management and develop a network of associates that will support my goals. “Nothing can move your career further and faster than having a base of associates positioned to support you and your goals” (Calano & Salzman, 1988, p. 244)

I am aware that in order to achieve my longer term goal of becoming an executive manager for a Mutual or “not-for-profit” organisation, I need to develop not just my own personal awareness but also an awareness of those around me. Buckingham (2005) asserts that in order to be a truly great manager you need to be able to discover what is truly unique about each person and then capitalize on it.

My current employer is invested in developing organisational capabilities through staff development, they encourage positive employee behaviour, are experimental in their approach and motivate through commitment, all of which are “Theory O” styles (Beer & Nohira 2000). By aligning myself with such an employer I have an excellent opportunity to enhance and compliment my practical experience with tertiary education. Another opportunity I see is the fact that my current employer is also growing and expanding, which in turn will create pathways if I am able to successfully develop in the short to medium term.

About Myself
I am currently the Mobile lending team leader for Teachers Credit Union and look after a national team of nine mobile lenders and this is my first leadership/management role. I have learnt much about myself during this course, the way I learn, my strengths and my weaknesses, my personality type and the values I have. My MBTI profile is ISTP, with strong scores in the IST dimension. I had always been aware that I favour introversion (even though many friends and colleagues describe me a extroverted at times) I am patient, practical with good attention to detail (Sensing) very analytical and objectively critical (Thinking). What I have learnt from knowing my personal style according to the Cognitive style classification (Briggs-Myers 1962) Is that as a manager I will need to open up and share concerns and information with others, I also need to develop a habit of setting goals (both for myself and others) and be conscious that my tendency to focus on detail may cause me to miss the bigger picture. As a relatively new manager and as a result of my recent learning’s I have realised that I am presently unaware of how my staff perceive me and according to Dubrin et al (2006) in order to improve personal effectiveness it is important to insightfully process feedback about oneself. As an introvert I have never had the courage to actively seek this information. I found completing the Values survey rather confronting and learnt that I have possibly been working slightly outside of my values being in a sales roles in the past but working for a mutual is closer aligned to my values. Avery and Baker (1990) suggest that learning involves three main factors: our capacity to learn, our environmental experiences and the cognitive processes we use when learning. According to Kolb’s model my learning style is Diverger, I am able to look at things from different perspectives, I prefer to watch and gather information first. I have a tendency to over analyze...
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