Mcdonald's Marketing

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Pallarés García, Juan
Ferrer Villacampa, Clara


Contents Index:

1) Introduction:
1.1) Business model
1.2) Suppliers
1.3) History
1.3.1) Advertising themes
1.3.2) General advertising
1.4) Customers perception and expectation
1.4.1) Meeting the needs of the key
2) SWOT Analysis:
2.1) Strengths
2.2) Weaknesses
2.3) Threats
2.4) Opportunities
3) Competitive advantages
4) Market research and Marketing mix
5) 4 P’S Marketing mix + People
5.1) Product
5.2) Price
5.3) Place
5.4) Promotion
5.5) People
6) Identification of marketing strategies
7) Conclusion and recommendations
8) Bibliography references

1) Introduction:

McDonalds is one of the best known brands worldwide. This project shows how McDonald’s continually works to build its brand by listening to its customers and it also determines the various stages of its marketing process. Branding creates a personality for an organization, product or service. It represents how consumers regard the organization and it only works when an organization behaves and presents itself in a consistent or unchanging way. Marketing communication methods, such as advertising and promotions, are used to develop the colours, designs and images which provide the brand its recognizable face. At McDonald’s this is represented by its familiar logo: the Golden Arches. In all its markets, McDonald’s faces competition from other businesses. Additionally, economic, legal and technological changes, social factors, the retail environment and many other elements affect McDonald’s success in the market. Marketing involves identifying customer needs and requirements and meeting them in a better way than competitors. In this way a company creates loyal customers. The starting point is to find out who the potential customers are because not everyone will want what McDonald’s has to offer. The people McDonald’s identifies as likely customers are known as key audiences, which will be analyzed later.

1.1) Business Model:

It is a Franchise Model where only 15% of the total number of restaurants is owned by the Company itself and where the remaining 85% is operated by franchisees. The company sticks to a comprehensive framework of training and monitoring of its franchises to ensure that they adhere to the Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value propositions rendered by the company to its customers. The product consistency effect is happening at McDonalds because with the development of a sophisticated supplier networked operation and distribution system, the company has been able to achieve consistent product taste and quality across geographies. The great success of the company is mainly due to its managers attitudes which are basically acting like a retailer and think like a global brand. With this manager’s mentality, McDonald’s focuses not only on delivering sales for the immediate present, but also protecting its long term brand reputation.

1.2) Suppliers:

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McDonald's suppliers play a pivotal role in the global success, providing quality products at competitive prices. This philosophy, established by the founder, Ray Kroc, is often described as a ``three-legged stool´´. One of the legs is McDonald's, a second leg is their franchisee partners and the third leg is their supplier partners. The stool is only as strong as its three legs. McDonald’s has changed the nature of not only the food service industry but also the food processing industry as well. McDonald’s realized that the battle between fast food chains would increasingly be one of efficiency of supply, lower cost...
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