Mcdonald's Corporation in the New Millennium

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McDonald’s Corporation in the New Millennium

Brief Description of the Case:

Jack Greenberg CEO of McDonald’s Corporation is thinking about the “Big Mac Attack”, now referred to McDonald’s earnings declines in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. McDonald’s Corporation a leader of the fast food industry had made dynamic market expansion, new products and special promotional strategies.

In the recent years, however, McDonald’s has seen it growth slow down in the United States and its dominant position challenged. Jack Greenberg was trying to decide on a set of appropriate strategies for the future in order to reverse the declines and to stay ahead of competition. McDonald’s and most other hamburger chains continue discounting and offering a variety of new products to attract customers, they also seek to shed their “cheap and greasy” image with the new store design.

Central Problem:
What can McDonald’s do to deal with the “BIG MAC ATTACK”?

To improve the services against competitors
To increase sales
Case Analysis:
Global brand quality
Consistency of food
It was served speedily from establishments and was extremely clean. •Market leadership and financial resources
Drive through service
Declining market share, slowed revenue and income growth •Quality and taste of products
Product development
International expansion
Growing dining-out market and ideal location
Drive through sale and increase in drive through efficiency Treats
Strength of competition
Health conscious and more informed consumers
Changing demographics
Other Related Facts, Time, Context, Setting:
McDonald’s Corporation in the United States during in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Alternative Courses of Action:
Promote product line which is interested in taste, convenience and valuable •Introduce new improve products to the consumer

Measure satisfaction of...
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