Mbakeeping Minutes of a Meeting

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Q1. Explain the purpose of keeping minutes of a meeting. What goes into the contents of minutes of a meeting? Ans
Meeting are never isolated incidents. They are part of an ongoing process of information-sharing, problem-solving, decision-making, and planning. Proper documentation can help ensure that decisions are not forgotten and that actions are followed up. Minutes can be defined as an official record of the proceedings of a meeting.” They are “official” because they are certified as a record of the corporation by the secretary. They are a “record” because the Association is obligated to keep them. They are intended to be an account of “the proceedings of a meeting” because the association needs to memorialize what happened during a meeting for future reference. Meeting minutes also known as protocols are instant record of a meeting. Minutes provide whole event of meeting and starting with list of attendees, statement of the issues considered by the participants. Minutes are created during the meeting by typist or recorder who can use shorthand notation. This person prepares minutes and issues them to the participants after meeting. Meeting can be audio recorded or a person is especially appointed to take notes. Conciseness is necessary for minutes and it should include summary of discussion or decisions. Minutes of corporate board of directors are kept in the files as important legal documents. Taking meeting minutes is an essential part of meeting. They are taken to record key points for example what actions have been decided upon, who is responsible and what the milestones and deadlines are. These are recorded summaries of discussion held at the meeting. It is a complicated job therefore minute taker should have information about confusing and inarticulate debates. Meeting minutes should be the accurate summary of what was said in meeting. After preparation of meeting minutes, these should be checked with the chairperson to confirm the accuracy and then circulated to all meeting attendees.  A copy of meeting minutes can be sent to all attendees through email.

Minutes are required in order to:
* confirm any decisions made
* record any agreed actions to be taken
* record who has been allocated any tasks or responsibilities * prompt action from any relevant attendees
* provide details of the meeting to anyone unable to attend * serve as a record of the meeting's procedure and outcome Tips to Take Meeting Minutes Effectively
Here are some tips to follow in order to take meeting minutes effectively: * Minutes should include the date and time of meeting with the names of meeting attendees. * Minutes should be accurate summary of issues discussed in the meeting, key ideas, recommendations, and alternatives and so on. * Minutes must portray any decisions that were made and the solution to any problems was discussed. * Minutes should contain brief rundown of follow-up assignments, responsible persons and the deadlines for action. * Each participant in the meeting should have copy of the minutes. These copies can also be distributed to the persons who are missed in the meeting or to the interested parties such as managers of other departments, bosses, key people in top management etc. You can also provide predesigned meeting forms that will help minute recorders to understand what type of information should be summarized. Meeting minutes play important role to portray important events of whole meeting therefore these should be tailored carefully. Copy of every meeting minute should be kept in files because these will help to recall decision taken in previous meetings.

At some point your boss may ask you to take minutes at a meeting. This task isn't reserved for secretaries only. Any person who attends a meeting may be asked to do this. Since the minutes will serve as an official record of what took place during the meeting, you must be very accurate. Here are some pointers...
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