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Topics: Team, Greg Daniels, Project management Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: February 23, 2013
1) Assume the role of an LB employee
a) What is your everyday environment like (assume this would be normally involve face-to-face teams)? Specifically, consider how you would fill your day, what the office environment would be, what would determine your work priorities and the nature of your relationship with your colleagues and your client(s). Leo Burnett has a multidisciplinary team structure serviced each brand. Employees are responsible to provide full advertising service to meet client’s requirements on daily basis. The formal supervisor from home department is responsible for managing employees. Employees are often selected /assigned to work on specific project to support two or three different client’s brand team at a time. In these cases, they will report informally to the project team leader. Due to the volume of work and project deadlines, it often required working up to 60 hours per week and late nights at the office. Most LB employees are young and they are willing to put extra time/effort to fulfill client’s needs, to meet the aggressive schedules and exceed client’s expectation. LB has an open communication environment which involves in a lot of face to face interaction. Employees spend many hours to handle client requests. They also spend quite a lot of time to discussing projects with colleagues to learn and get inputs. In LB, employees are working in a fast-paced, high pressure, long hours and high expectations environment with positive camaraderie. The work priorities are mainly determined by the client needs and project deadlines. The nature of my relationship with my colleagues is positive camaraderie. Socializing together after long office hours and working on common goals help us develop the positive work relationship at LB. We put a lot of efforts to develop and maintain good client relationships. OBC is a Significant Client for LB. LB has appointed expanded and strengthened global team to better serve OBC. b) How is this different from...
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