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ANSWER KEY MODEL QUESTION PAPER- MB0038 Management Process and Organization Behavior MBA Sem 1 (Book Id B1127) Question No. 1-40- 1 marks Question Question No. 41 to 60- 2 marks Question Question No. 61 to 75 -4 marks Question. 1 Marks Question 1 Which of the following consists of planning and decision making? (a) Organizing communication (b) Directing traditional management (c) Planning human resource management (d) Controlling networking 2 __________entails supervising, disciplining, evaluating, and managing the a change of the four managerial resources. (a) Controlling (b) Organizing (c) Planning (d) Directing 3 Fredrick Taylor stressed on_____________ a) Selecting the right people for the job b) Division of labor c) Unity of command d) Unity of direction 4 Which theory is associated with the Aristotle statement "Men are marked out d from the moment of birth to male or be ruled"?Terms a) Trait theory b) Behavior Theory c) Situational d) Great Man theory 5 T-group is also referred as _____________. a) Team training b) Sensitivity training c) Survey feedback b a b

d) QWL 6 Which theory of leadership describe the way that leaders encourage and a support their followers in achieving the goals? a) Path-goal theory b) Fielders contingency model c) Vroom & Yetton;s Normative model d) Transformational leadership 7 Attributes that have a positive connotation in our culture tend to be positively c related to group productivity. They include a) Authoritarianism b) Dominance c) Sociability d) Unconventionality 8 Fayol suggested that organizations can be subdivided into ___________ d main areas of activity? a) 12 b) 14 c) 4 d) 6 9 Which leadership is essentially about sharing out leadership across the a organization?Formal leadership a) Servant leadership b) Transactional leadership c) Situational Leadership d) Charismatic leadership 10 The extent to which a manager can use extrinsic and intrinsic rewards to b control other people is called: (a) Influence (b) Reward power (c) Coercive power (d) Legitimate power 11 Gardner developed the theory of _______________. a) Learning b) Memory c) Multiple intelligence c

d) Dreams 12 __________is associated with participative management background. a) Lewin b) Likert c) Eric d) Leavitt 13 The ability to control another‟s behavior because the individual wants to a identify with the power source is: (a) Referent power (b) Expert power (c) Influence (d) Reward power 14 An informal group that attempts to influence people outside the group by a pooling the resources and power of its members is known as (a) A coalition (b) An upward appeal (c) An ingratiation group (d) An impression management group 15 Who conducted the learning experiment on dogs- “ To teach dogs to salivate b in response to the ringing of bell” a) Skinner b) Pavlov c) Bandore d) Sheldon 16 A neutral third party who facilitates a negotiated solution by using reasoning, b persuasion, and suggestions for alternatives is called a/an : a. Advisor b. Mediator c. Negotiator d. Conciliator 17 _______ occurs when each party gives up something of value to the other. As a a result of no one getting its full desires, the antecedent conditions for future conflicts are established Avoiding a. Compromising b. Collaborating c. Accommodating b

d. Avoiding 18 Eustress is considered as _________________ a) Good b) Bad c) Harmful d) Fatal 19 Change may bring some potential ______________to the organizational c power to some people. a) Barriers b) Opportunity c) Threat d) Benefit 20 The responses the change depend upon the employee‟s ____________about c the change. a) Attitude b) Experience c) Perception d) Motivation 21 Classical condition is a form of _______________learning process a) Manipulation b) Memory bored c) Dissociative d) Associative 22 The term used for the workers who entered the workforce from the early c 1940‟s through the early- 19060‟s a) Baby boomers b) Xers c) Veterans d) Nexters 23 According to ___________ theory brain...
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