Organisational Behaviour and Bollywood

Topics: Hockey World Cup, India, Chak De! India Pages: 5 (1743 words) Published: December 23, 2012

Batch : 2012-14
Subject: Organizational Behavior

Dr. Pooja Sharma
Assistant Professor
LDRP-ITR, MBA Department

30255- Kalindi Jadav
30256- Sima Joshi
30254- Kinjal Goswami


movie no- 1
chak de India
Introduction and brief about the movie.
Chak De! India is a 2007 Indian sports drama film about field hockey in India. Directed by Shimit Amin and produced byYash Raj Films, the film stars Shahrukh Khan as Kabir Khan, the former captain of the Indian hockey team. In the plot, after a disastrous loss to the Pakistan hockey team, Khan is ostracized from the sport. He and his mother are further forced from their ancestral home by angry neighbors. Seven years later in an attempt to redeem himself, Khan becomes the coach for the India women's national field hockey team with the goal of turning its sixteen contentious players into a champion team. After leading the women's team to the Gold, Khan restores his reputation and returns with his mother to their home, welcomed by those who had shunned them years before. -------------------------------------------------

Chak De! India opens in Delhi during the final minutes of a (fictional) Hockey world cup match between Pakistan and India with Pakistan leading, 1-0. When the Indian team captain, Kabir Khan (Shahrukh khan) is fouled, he elects to take the penalty stroke himself. His strike, however, flies just above the goal and India suffers a crushing defeat. Soon after match ends, the media begins to circulate a photograph of Khan accepting a handshake from the captain of the Pakistan team. This action leads to a nationwide smear campaign which alleged that Khan (who is Muslim) might have "thrown" the game in an act of sympathy towards Pakistan. The religious prejudice exhibited towards Khan by the entire society at large forces him and his mother (Joyoshree Arora) out of their ancestral home and into exile. Seven years later, Mr. Tripathi, the head of India's Hockey association, meets with Khan's friend and hockey advocate Uttamaji, to discuss the Indian women’s hockey team. Tripathi argues the team has no future since, the only long term role for women is to "cook and clean." Uttamaji, however, informs him that Kabir Khan (whom no one has seen for seven years) wants to coach the team. Though initially skeptical, Tripathi ultimately agrees to this arrangement. Khan thus finds himself in charge of a group of 16 young women from various sections of India, who are divided by their own competitive natures and individual prejudices. While Komal Chautala from conflicts with Preeti Sabarwal from chandigrah Balbir Kaur from  has an extremely short temper and bullies Rani Dispotta (Seema Azmi) and Soimoi Kerketa (Nisha Nair), belonging to the remote villages in Jrakhand. Mary Ralte (Kimi Laldawla) from Mizoram and Molly Zimik from Manipur are both treated as "foreigners" by virtually everyone they meet and face repeated sexual harassment. The team's captain, Vidya Sharma, is forced to choose between hockey and the wishes of her husband Rakesh's (Nakul Vaid) family, while Preeti's boyfriend, Abimanyu Singh, the (fictional) vice captain of the Indian national cricket team, is deeply threatened by her involvement with the team. Khan realizes that he can only unite the girls only if they develop the discipline to work as a team. This leads him to have his assistant Krishnaji (Vibha Chhibber) bench a number of players during the first few days, including the most experienced player, Bindia Naik. In response, Bindia engineers a revolt which leads Khan to resign. As a gesture of good will, Khan, however, invites Krishnaji, the team manager Sukhlal, and the girls to a farewell lunch. During the lunch, few boys start. Mary, leading to a large brawl between the girls and the boys. The...
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