Mayo Clinic Paper

Topics: Medicine, Hospital, Physician Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Mayo Clinic Paper
Molly Sjurson
Management 4450
February 1st, 2011

Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit clinic which helps provide unique care to every individual patient through education, research, and practice. Mayo Clinic’s website provides services such as online office visits, secure messages, medical records, upcoming appointments, online bill pay, prescription refills, and registration updates. Mayo Clinic employs physicians, students, scientists and allied health personnel in order to follow the Clinic’s philosophy of “the patient comes first” as one of the largest clinics with over 1,700 medical doctors achieving high quality at a low cost (1). Many people have begun venturing online to self-manage their health and are looking for relevant health information to help make decisions.

The website is geared towards individuals trying to find out encyclopedic information regarding medical problems. Unlike other medical sites, Mayo Clinic writes all of the company’s own material. Mayo Clinic uses terms which are conversational, precise, straight forward, and sympathetic (2). Mayo Clinic aims to help the customer understand each medical term and writes the material in words that the customer can understand. Mayo Clinic’s website also offers opportunities to check appointments, pay bills, and refill prescriptions over the Internet. Customers do not have to leave home in order to gain information or schedule appointments because these tasks can all be done online.

The Mayo Clinic has locations in three different states and is one of the best hospitals in the country however due to the limited locations the clinic developed the website to be more available to patients and the general public who may have questions. By creating the website, Mayo Clinic can be of help to many customers who are not within a reasonable range of any of the three clinics. Although the website does not derive revenue for the business because all information provided is free of...
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