Mayan Pyramids vs Pyramids of Egypt

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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2 main way howhildhood history has ben studied:
1) Historical Demography / Population Studies / Family Reconstitution involves trying to find numbers and figures so we can come up with statistics or trends of the past. The baptism rgisters of porto salvo in valletta have been studied by researchers , and inputting them in progerams that come up with information. This data can tell us how many obys and igrls were obrn over a period, how many were illegitame or legitamate,, if parents were maltese or foreigners etc. Since 1964, a cambridge group has been collecting data from baptism registers and now they have a very huge database – for all of england. Intresting things come out : eg between 1580 and 1837 – the death rate ws highest in march and april, for some reason. It then goes down and normalizes. Why was there a greater chance of dying in march/april? Because food supply was low, nutrition was very low so the young died at a much higher rate because there was no food to go around. 2) Cultural and social approach

This looked at paintngs , trials from law courts, literature etc. “In medieval society the idea of childhood did not exist”; controversy – quote from Aries. This kind of statement has generated alot of debate, critisicms. When looking at the subject at what aries was saying a key point that is dispuded is whether ur looking at childhood or children. Experiences of young childhood, or the theories of childhood?those who criticise aries say that he sis focusing more on the theories of childhood and as a result he missed alot of important imformation – he ended up missing the experiences. Why is he critisiced in this way?when we read his book we see that he bases alot of his assumptions , including his statement,on conduct books ie. How to raise you child books. They said these books do not really reflect the reality of medieval and early modfern childhood. -------------------------------------------------

The books mentioned in handout are...
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