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October sixteen twenty twelve is the day when our special event happened, my unexpected “LAST CULMINATING ACTIVITY” with a Halloween parade of dishes themed, at first I don’t felt excitement at all for knowing the reality that this activity is not yet my last culminating activity, maybe I’ll feel the real essence when it came to be my last culminating activity in the near future. On the other hand, the event really cope a very much efforts to come up beautifully. Everyone is giving their ideas and skills to promote a fluent output, from the design of invitations, colors of motif, scary ambiance/backgrounds, beautiful table set –up, appetizing dishes, and more scary gimmicks.

Each one of us given a certain responsibilities to do tasks. Days of preparation began, they made beautiful witches hat for the guests, scary paper spiders, mini Halloween pumpkins, and a dancing skeleton. Kitchen department collects payment and purchases ingredients for delicious dishes to be prepared.

After long preparation, time came for the activity, everyone cooperates. Sir Regulus counsels us first before the entering of the expected guests. Some of our classmates lead the program, Mrs. Uy and Dean Cesar gave heartwarming remarks,

Were’ all amazed on how guests appreciate the themed, the dishes, the table set-up, and everything else.

After all of planning, efforts done for preparation, deliberation, and some misunderstanding/miscommunication, ITS ALL WORTH IT!! Because of every guest’s appraisals, words of wisdom, advises, and beautiful smiles that WE GOT FROM THEM. And most of all GOD GAVE US TRIALS TO FULLFILL OUR SWEET SUCCESS.
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