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Topics: Kuala Lumpur, Check, Double check Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: April 18, 2012
“REACH OUT” event report by Ridduan Ismail
For this particular event, I contributed myself in helping out the needy by showing them my support by donating food, clothes, & toiletries. On the 23rd March 2012, at 3:30PM, I was told to gather up at Afi’s house (our team leader) to pack all goodie bags that was supposed to be given out for the needy. We organized the goodie bags and separate them according to the sizes of shirts that was packed in. The next day, on March 24th, our event day, at 3PM we gather up at Afi’s house again to double check with all the stuff that was supposed to distributes for the homeless. Right after we were done double checking those goodie bags, we load all of them inside the cars. All together there were 200 goodie bags. At 3:30PM, we started our journey to Kuala Lumpur. Due to the traffic jams in KL, we reached our destination at 4:30PM. We parked our car and gather up to Mr. Peter, Reach Out senior NGO, for briefing regarding the whole event; on what we were supposed to do and how to handle situations. After a couple of minutes, Mr. Peter divided us into separate task. At 5pm, we the event started. As for this Reach Out event, I was assigned to be the photographer of the day. Throughout the whole hour of giving out those food, clothes & toiletries to the unfortunates, I went around here and there to capture all the moments that was happening. Time by time, I did help my teammates giving out those goodie bags. By 6.15PM, all those goodie bags of food, clothes, and toiletries were completely given out. While most of unfortunates were sitting by the roadside consuming the food that was given by us, I took the chance of capturing those moments. We started packing/ clearing/cleaning up the area by 7pm and head home. I believe that our event was a successful one and I have learnt so much from it.

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