Brazil Culture Night

Topics: Culture, Portugal, Samba Pages: 2 (839 words) Published: January 24, 2013
We have a lot of different cultural events going on, but at the International House there is always a culture event every two or three weeks. They usually dedicate a week to a specific culture. They show movies, do lectures, have coffee night and much more. They have different cultures every time. International House had culture events on different cultures like: China, Brazil, Japanese, French, Nepali, German, India, and many more. I have been to many of these culture events. One event in particular that I had been to recently is Brazil culture night. Brazil culture night was held on Wednesday, March 14, 2012. The doors opened at 6:00 but the actual event started at 6:30 and it lasted until 8:30. The event was held in the International House Great Room where all the events are usually held. I was very excited to go to this event because I know very little about Brazil but I have heard a lot and I was very excited to go and find out new things about Brazil. I specially wanted to see the food and the music. And the language, Portuguese.

When I first walked in the lobby of International House it was packed! Everywhere there were lots of people. I saw different age group people from kids to late adults. This made me even more exciting, I love to see lots of people coming to event it just makes it even more fun. In the beginning as soon as you go in, you get your food and you find a place to sit. When I saw the food, my mouth got so watery. My Portuguese professor from last semester was serving us food, and she had told me that she made most of this food. This surprised me because I never thought that she could make this great food. The food was amazing, I specifically loved the desert, I did not know what it was called but it was all chocolaty and it was shaped like a round ball. After every one got sattled in, which completely filled the Great Room there was no space for anyone to sit, some people were even standing. And then the program started around 9:30....
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