Cultural Food Celebrations

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Cultural celebrations

Culture is understood to be the values, knowledge, beliefs, behaviours, dress and foods that are passed on through generations. We usually gain understanding of our culture from our family and those around us.

Culture celebrations often have historic foundations. For example in Australia many people exchange gifts at christmas, and give chocolate eggs at easter, even through they may not necessarily be christian. Many Australians eats a cold christmas lunch consisting of salads, while others in the world still follow the cultural tradition and eat a hot turkey roast.

Religious Celebrations

Religions celebrate their beliefs and different times of the year, and even the same religious event may vary from country to country in the food that is eaten and the rituals that are performed.

People may eat special foods to remind themselves of their God or Gods, or their beliefs. People may go without food (fast) Because it allows them to think more about their gods and others that may be suffering or have suffered in the past.

Historical celebrations

Events in history can influence when and how s special occasion is celebrated. Anzac day: is celebrated on the 25th of april. It reminds australians of courage, unity, sacrifice and loyalty of the australians & new zealand army corps who fought in the war.

Women baked biscuits to raise funds for the war effort and people celebrate to this day by baking ANZAC biscuits.

Valentine day: is celebrated on 14th February. Its origins are unclear. One story that has survived since the time of ancient rome tells of a christian priest who was sentenced to death by the roman emperor because he performed secret marriage services for christian soldiers. The priest was sent to jail where he fell in love with the jailers daughter. Before he was killed he left a love letter that was signed "your valentine". On valentines day people send flowers, cards and chocolates to their loved ones....
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