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Tourism is the World’s Largest Industy, It is a key economic driver for Singapore whereby millions of tourist come every year to Singapore. It is the temporary movement of people to destinations from their country of work and residences to another. In this discussion, we are going to discuss about Mass Tourism in Singapore. Mass tourism refers to large number of visitors travelling at different timing and going to the same destination. Nowadays tourists are looking for greater flexibility, individualisation and choices.

Discussion and analysis

In recent days, large numbers of people are travelling from different countries for different purposes depend on individuals. People travel for several reasons which are either Business or leisure. The reasons that motivated people to travel because they want to experience the special attraction of distant places whereby people are not able to experience from where they came from. Hence, Attractions and Entertainment are only two of many ways people can choose to spend their leisure time. Attractions and Entertainment are grouped into 3 different areas which are Heritage Attractions, commercial Attractions and Live entertainment. Attractions usually refer to Natural locations, objects, or constructed facilities that have a unique appeal. Some examples of Popular Heritage Attractions in Singapore are places such as The Singapore Zoo, The Underwater world, Singapore Art Museum, Gardens By the Bay and etc. As for popular Commercial Attractions in Singapore are places such as The Universal Studio Singapore, The Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort and shopping areas Orchard Road. The Youth Olympic Games, The Lion King and Zoukout Dance Music Festival are reasons people travel all the way to Singapore for these Live Entertainment too.

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