Management Summary the Effects of Motivation and Satisfaction on Destination Loyalty, the Case of Barcelona

Topics: Tourism, Barcelona, World Tourism Organization Pages: 4 (1067 words) Published: November 1, 2008
The aim of this summary is to provide a brief overview over the effects of motivation and satisfaction on destination loyalty. It contains a brief summary of the article furthermore an application on the destination Barcelona.

In today’s marketplace we can find lots of different destinations. Tourists could travel every month to a new destination. In such a saturated marketplace it is very difficult for destinations to stay competitive. This article shows that the most successful destinations are those, who can motivate the tourists to come, satisfy them if they are there, and make them revisit and recommend their destination. This article is based on a model, that shows how important the relationships between tourist motivation, tourist satisfaction and destination loyalty is.

Tourist motivation
Motivation is defined as follows: “biological needs and wants, including integral forces that arouse, direct, and integrate a person’s behaviour and activity” (Yoon & Uysal, 2003). So, in a touristic sense it is a very complex proposition to find out why the tourists travel, and what they want to experience. One of the main reasons for travelling is to escape the routine and gain some authentic experiences. In the tourism research, motivation is classified into two forces: the push motivation and the pull motivation. Push motivations are all emotional aspects and desires from the tourist itself. This could be factors like: escape, relaxation, health, adventure, family and so on. Pull motivations are the forces coming from the outside, like attributes of the destination choices. These are things like: attractiveness of the destination, beaches, entertainment, culture and so on. All in all, we can say that people travel because they are pushed and pulled by forces.

Tourist satisfaction
Satisfaction is a very important criterion for tourism products. It influences the choice of destination, the consumption while there and...
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