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Topics: Travel agency, Tourism, Travel Pages: 5 (1460 words) Published: April 6, 2013
This proposal is created to report some internet threats faced by Alex Travel Agency. My research will be done primarily and secondarily, through online research as well as collecting questionnaires from customers of the company. Alex travel agency is small business agency, located in the market area of Lagos state in Nigeria. Due to their size of the business, they mainly focus on sales of ticket. With just 10 members of staffs, they serve up to 500 clients. Few years back, Alex Travel Agency Ltd received a number of complaints from customers regarding the service quality, which lead to customer dissatisfaction. Increasing customer dissatisfaction is an alarm for Alex Travel Agency, because it affects business profitability, becomes hurdles in customer retention, diminishing the image of travel agency, as well as sustainability of business. However the major challenge of Alex Travel agency is its poor use of technology as well as having its main business focus on just sales of ticket. My findings could dig out new ideas on how and why this development is needed.

Impact of Technological advancement on consumer behaviors and its effect on business performance of Travel Agencies. A case study, Alex Travel Agency, Lagos Nigeria. 1.2AIM
Analysis of the impact of technology advancement on consumer behavior

Researches will be carried out using journal articles as my main tools of conduct •Theoretical framework will be developed to argue consumers behavior coined with identifying of theme on this issue. •Primary data will be gathered from the organization as well as 20 customers in regards to this topic and this will be analyzed and compared with my secondary data •A conclusion will be produces along any recommendation for a new development. 1.4 RATIONALE

According to Pedersen (1999), “Tourism is measured as the world’s largest and fastest growing industry”. With its components of attraction, accommodation and transport, it provides many benefits to host and to visitors. Technology is a crucial element in the tourism and travel industry. Its development was made to link people to a whole lot of things, ranging from personal digital assistants to interactive television- being that it is functioned to have power over the promotion and selling of these travel products (O’Brien, 1998). The internet is said to be the latest product of information technology which provides large information of all kinds including tourism products (Egziabher et al, 2000). Its needs are essential because its holds a great impact on the way businesses transacts and the way in which consumers react i.e. becoming identical with access to markets, to information, and to social networks. As the internet is seen as an indispensible technology in the industry, they could also be seen as threats to the profitability of some travel agencies. For better understanding, this essay will be discussing some proposed internet threats faced by Alex Travel Agency.

“Technological advances have made the world more accessible to more people, and aroused the desire to experience more of it. Greater incomes in the western world and increased leisure time contribute to demand. As other countries develop, the desire or travel and tourism grows among their people”,, 2012. Although the tourism industry still prospered in the past decades, they still battled to deal with some difficult challenges. Peter Haggett in 2001 argues that in recent times, “most of the world’s cities are now within 36 hours of each other” due to globalization tieing the world into one electronic market. This will give room for increasing business travelling and an increase in fast and easy direct online booking of tickets. Growing numbers of travelers now purchase their hotel rooms and airline seats via the Internet or bid for them through online auction...
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