What Impact Does Tourism Have in Coastal Areas in Spain, Since Late 1950’s?

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Impacts of mass tourism in coastal areas of Spain|
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What is mass tourism and how did tourism develop in Spain?5
What are the cultural and social impacts of tourism in the coastal areas in Spain?6 What impact does mass tourism have on the economy and environment in Spain?7 Conclusion 9
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“What impact does tourism have in coastal areas in Spain, since late 1950’s”?

According to Bramwell (2004) a third of the income of the Mediterranean comes from the tourism sector, as tourism is mainly concentrated in the coastal areas of Spain. Nowadays, tourism is indispensable. This paper focuses on the impact that mass tourism has on the coastal areas in Spain. Bramwell (2004) states that since 1960, there has been a major growth in the tourism sector. Tourists who go to Spain especially travel to the Spanish coasts. In addition, the author argues that tourism has an impact on these areas and this paper will analyse impacts on the coastal areas. First, mass tourism will be defined and discussed, as it is very important to know what it means in order to understand the topic. Secondly, the cultural and social impacts of mass tourism in the Spanish coast are stated. Lastly, the outcomes of the research will be explained in the conclusion.

What is mass tourism and how did tourism develop in Spain? According to Wahab and Pigram (1997) mass tourism consists of three basic elements which concerns mainly cooperative group of travelling, cooperative accommodation and mindful integration of the holiday maker in a group of travellers (Wahab & Pigram, 1997). Page and Connell (2009) claims that mass tourism is, “a high volume of tourism that appeals to a large market” (p??). Furthermore, they remark that it can change the area and its population which also concerns the coastal areas in Spain. According to Gonzales (1996) general Franco dedicated his regime to the promotion of tourism as the main financial program in order to conquer the issues of their payments poverty in the country. Bramwell (2004) states that foreign investment tourism has developed expeditious centred primarily on the recreational zones of the Mediterranean coastline areas. Therefore, Bramwell (2004) maintains that international mass tourism began to develop in the coastal areas and islands of the Mediterranean Europe in the decades of the late 1950s. The majority significant characteristics of Spanish tourism after the Second World War have been experiencing rapid growth in the visitor numbers and the combination of domestic and inbound middle and lower-class social groups, according to Bramwell (2004). The author discovered that large expansion in tourism came after the 1950s and the visitors totalled 47,7 million by the year 1986. Additionally, Spanish domestic tourism has subsidised considerably to the growth of mass tourism (Bramwell, 2004). Bramwell (2004) discovered that another element that contributed to the growth of mass tourism was the introduction of package holidays, which are low priced. He states that the Spanish coastline became covered with hotels and flats funded by foreign financiers who presented low package holidays, which in return consumed less cash as well as not giving sufficient income for the countries balance of payment (Bramwell, 2004).

What are the cultural and social impacts of tourism in the coastal areas of Spain? The influences on the civilisation and culture of these coastal areas are particularly multidimensional, intricate and contested. Tourism...
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