Marriot Case Study

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This case ( discusses the customer-focused e-business strategy of Marriott International (Marriott), a world leader in the hospitality industry. It examines the way in which Marriott focused on providing better customer service by using IT proactively and through the facilities on offer through its website.

The case describes in detail the e-business strategy of Marriott that aimed at transforming it from a property-centric to customer-centric company. The benefits Marriott derived from launching its website and other IT initiatives are also highlighted. -------------------------------------------------


* The importance of a customer-focused e-business strategy in the hospitality industry.

* The role of IT in integrating different business processes to make them more customer-oriented. “Marriott International is focused on leveraging e-business systems to drive customer service, profitability and growth. We need to be able to service our customers consistently, regardless of which channel they use to reach us.” - Mike Dalton, Senior VP of Marriott Lodging Systems.

“We don't want to just satisfy our customers – we want to delight them.” - StephenP. Weisz, Senior Vice-president of Sales and Marketing, Marriott International.


Delighting Customers:
Headquartered at Washington in the US, Marriott International (Marriott) is a world leader in the hospitality industry. By the turn of the century, it had a network in excess of 2,600 operating units in the US and a workforce of 145,000 employees, spread over 65 countries across the world.

Marriott's diverse portfolio of popular hotel brands included leading brands such as Marriott, JW Marriott,...
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