Marks & Spencer Promotional Activities

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Sales promotion Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: March 11, 2012
Effectiveness of the campaign
M&S always had great products, though the prices have always been too high compared with other supermarkets. And that’s probably why people don’t come to M&S regularly. M&S is everyday changing to try and get new customers in. It is important to have customers in the stores, by that M&S makes profit and won’t make any loss. M&S has always very strong advertisements, as such the new one, with Dannii Minogue. M&S is using her face to get customers attention and make them buy their clothes. By having this celebrity in their advert, customers will want to buy the same clothes, because they want to look young and fashionable. This is a brilliant idea to get customers to come to M&S. Not every supermarket has the money and confidence to have a celebrity in their advertisement, so this is a good advantage to M&S. This campaign has improved the company’s image and also it helped on increasing the sales. Weaknesses of the campaign

M&S has been in decline since the late 1990s. Some senior executives have been asked to come into the business to try to turn things around. M&S is one of the world’s most profitable food retailers. M&S has also children’s and men’s clothing very popular. M&S has also women clothes, but these aren’t so popular. M&S attracts around 15 million customers through its doors every year. But unfortunately only nine million of them actually buy anything. Improvements

Even with the entire crisis, and the problems at the beginning, M&S ends up on making healthy profits and always delivers net margins of more than 5 per cent, which is pretty good. M&S should focus on women’s clothing to balance up its campaign so that it affects al products, not just food and children’s and men’s clothing, because the company does not only need food customers. Customers have to aware what the company has in store for them. Promotional activities used by M&S

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