How Hot Could Hot Be? Abercrombie & Fitch Guys Stripped in Singapore

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Source (photos and article)

Branding: How A&F used branding in the new market- Singapore.

Brands convey the information to customers and then induce loyalty. Good brands create distinct brand personalities and trigger emotional associations that help the customers connect with brands. This article will analyze A&F’s branding strategies

Abercrombie & Fitch, the brand that is well loved for its American-style, cool, casual and trendy clothing, is now aggressively expanding into Asia. Before its grand opening in Singapore, 40 muscular half-naked men stood outside the still unopened store. The alluring smiles and eyes, free hugs, and photo shoot caused a stirring riot. In addition, A&F launched the giant four-floor advertisement at a traffic-heavy shopping area, the muscular topless man wearing extremely low-slung jeans caught people’s eyes in Singapore.

It is not the first time A&F has done a marketing campaign like this. It has been a standard practice for all its flagship stores in recent years. However, these “hot guy” strategies exploded in Singapore. The Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore claimed that the ad is in contradiction of its “code of decency”, and the giant ad, which is charged as “lewd and inappropriate”, was ordered to be removed. News of the ad's possible suspension provoked Singaporean to comment furiously. People were discussing the topics like: “Is A&F too sexy for Singapore?”

“Is this ad too indecent for Orchard Road?”

Eventually, since many Singaporeans supported A&F, the billboard is now safe and sound on Orchard Road.

A&F is good at marketing campaigns and possesses a strong brand personality: sexy and young. A&F did the campaign like it usually does, but the promotions in Singapore had great success since it occurred different contexts and conflicts of culture. A&F triggered people’s emotion and created the...
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