Marketing Strategy and Swot Analysis for Randoseru Bags

Topics: Marketing, Anime, Cosplay Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: March 10, 2012
George Carlos H. Pastor
Marketing Strategy
and SWOT Analysis

Marketing Strategy

Target Market: Cosplaying Community

The basic direction is to follow the rule of marketing wherein the first thing that is considered is finding the market before developing the product. As such, there appears to be a very profitable market in the form of the cosplaying community. The community thrives on the need for individuality and self expression through novelty costumes depicting popular icons, often from the Japanese anime culture. With that in mind, the challenge is to develop a product that is not yet available in the market, and there aren’t any readily available substitutes. Hence, the idea is to take a popular Japanese icon, in the form of the randoseru, and build on that to create a new product.

As per discussions with people in the cosplay community, it would generally not be idea to sell directly to the community since endorsement recognition is very much important. Therefore, a partnership with Tuxedo Team, a popular cosplay group, was developed. This was made possible by Melo Lazatin, a student from ESA, who is a member of the group. The bag was further developed and innovated from feedback by the group until a suitable product was created that mixed what the market wanted and practicality.

The plan for the product is to create public exposure of the product by having them wear the bags during cosplay conventions and promote it as collaboration between Tuxedo Team and Pamana Pagasa. The team’s reaction to the bag was very positive, and can be seen as a good indicator of the expected reception of the product.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths: The product is relatively new, and no substitutes are currently available. The bag itself can be used like any other backpack and is quite durable. The endorsement of Tuxedo Team can be really effective since they already have their own online store for merchandise that they produce, as well as the...
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