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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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1. I believe that this bag is the most appealing and suitable bag both for my client and punk theme. The size of this bag is perfect for my client, also it can be held as both a side bag and a hand bag, which were both my clients’ first choices. Also the bag is very interesting, simple and appealing, as it only contains two simple colours, but also has badges to make it look punky. Also this bag contains secret pockets both inside and outside the bag to keep the very important personal belongings, such as, money, mobile phones, etc. I believe that as long as a add a bit more components to this bag, it would be the perfect bag.   

2. For this design I will be using silk screen printing, so it would be cheaper to make and it'll be affordable for my clients, also time to make. The colours and design of this bag is very suitable for the punk theme, as they are inspired by my trend board. The size of this bag would be considered as small; therefore it might not be suitable for a music festival, as my client asked for a medium, large bag. This bag is a backpack, however my client said they she would prefer a shoulder/side, or hand bag, therefore I most probberly wouldn't make this bag.   

3. I believe that this bag also very appealing to the punk theme, as it is very unique and unusual. This bag is very plain however, the colours contrast very well together also because of its unique shape, it’s incredibly eye catchy. However, although this bag is appealing to the punk theme, it isn't the way my client wanted it, as she wanted it to be safer and this bag has no zip or button, you can only loosen it or tighten it from the ropes. Also because it’s a backpack, it easier for belongings to drop out or to be stolen without the bag owner realising.   

4. This bag is also one which I might actually consider making for my final design, firstly because like all the other bags its very appealing to the punk theme, also it meets my customers wants. The size and style of this...
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