Timbuk 2 Case Study

Topics: Supply chain management, Messenger bag, Supply chain Pages: 6 (1515 words) Published: December 3, 2012
The Tao of Timbuk2
Herbert Reliza Drummond
Columbia Southern University

Timbuk2- a messenger bag producing company established in 1989 by founder and CEO, Rob Honeycutt, never would have imagined that his San Francisco based company today would continually provide a product that not only generated huge demands by new and loyal consumers but this invention also established a “pop culture” trend that would make messenger bags become more than just a tool that was being used in everyday urban adventures. Importantly, Timbuk2’s business strategy that encompassed both the use of Internet customer ordering technology- customizing bags to individual users, but also discovering new opportunities in globalizing their product(s) to diverse regions, like China, and ensuring that their unique, dependable, and customized messenger bags reached boarders outside the United States resulting with the increasing of both brand recognition and long-term profits.

Implications Surrounding Case
There are many interesting aspects about Timbuk2’s business strategy that we will closely expatiate on especially in the following areas: (1) competitive dimensions driving sales; (2) shared competitive priorities; (3) assembly line dimensions; (4) supply chain flow charts for both Timbuk2 companies; and finally (5) other costs associated with sourcing products. Competitive Dimensions Driving Sales

According to Jacobs & Chase (2010), customers face today an increased exposure to how they will chose and buy products that interest them and companies to include Timbuk2 respond accordingly by attempting to provide competitive dimensions in order to assist their competitive position within the market place and drive sales (p. 25). These competitive dimensions include the following: Quality

Timbuk2’s approach to their product design and services provided by their company ensured to its consumers that when messenger bags are purchased, either in retail stores or on-line, customers are receiving a product that has been hand crafted by 25 hard working cutters and sewers, orders are tailored to their specifications, composed of quality materials, as well as services being provided by a company that ensures all workers have superior working conditions. “This San Francisco-based company is known for producing high-quality custom and classic messenger bags direct to customer order (Jacobs & Chase, 2010, p.36).

In regards to efficiency the makers of Timbuk2 messenger bags have also provided to its consumers a product that not only provided a life-time warranty (according to their website) but they also has “fine tuned their production line to make it as efficient as possible while producing the highest-quality messenger bags available” (Jacobs & Chase, 2010, p. 36). Value

“Timbuk2 creates products that are synonymous with urban style rather than a bargain price” (Tilin, 2005); therefore the value of Timbuk2 products are seen by consumers as a lifetime investment that is worthy of keeping after copious years of continued use. Importantly, well-worn Timbuk2 messenger bags has been identified by consumers as having a certain patina- scars of a person’s everyday urban adventure that steadily maintains a value that has been comparatively related to fierce emotional attachment and associated with a legend of indestructibility by loyal consumers both locally as well as globally (Jacobs & Chase, 2010, p.36). Cost/Price

Timbuk2 messenger bags usually attract consumers that are willing to pay for products of “higher quality” like many companies who use this in their business strategy (e.g. BMW, Apple, Mercedes Benz, as well as many other businesses). In addition, Timbuk2 prides itself on...
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