Marketing Stratagy of Akij Food and Beverage Limited

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In particular reference to AFBL’’

Akij Food & Beverage Ltd.

Submitted to: -

Mohammad Nazmul Huq
Assistant professor
Department Of Business Administration
Stamford University Bangladesh

Submitted by: -

BBA, 27TH Batch
BBA ID NO: 02707121



This is to certify that Subbir Ahmed, ID NO. -BBA-02707121, student of Stamford University Bangladesh of BBA Program has completed the Internee report titled “Consumer Perception & Positioning Strategy Followed by Wild Brew”

I wish him every success in life.


Mohammad Nazmul Huq
Assistant professor
Department of Business Administration
Stamford University Bangladesh

Date: 21st April, 2009

Md. Nazmul Huq
Assistant professor,
Department of Business Administration,
Stamford University Bangladesh.

Sub: Submission of the internship report on “Consumer Perception & Positioning Strategy followed by Wild Brew”.

Dear Sir,

I am very much pleased to present my internship report on “Consumer Perception & Positioning Strategy Followed By Wild Brew”. To make this report I have faced many problems, but crossing this hardship I tried my best to make it successful.

It is a great opportunity to me to learn how an Industry analysis can be conducted on the basis of porter’s five forces model and I am able to know the closest picture of malt beverage market and also the perception of Wild Brew malt beverage of consumers.

Through this report any one can measure who is our potential threat, what is the substitute product of our company, whether we contain bargaining power of buyer or supplier, and how perception of a particular product or brand can be measured.

This will definitely help me in our future. Due to the short span of time I faced a lot of problems in preparing the assignment. Even then, I tried my best to prepare my report successfully. Crossing all the challenges I am finally able to submit my report on due time. I will be grateful if you accept my report with the care of limitations.

Sincerely Yours,

Subbir Ahmed
ID –BBA 02707121


First of all we would like to thank the All Mighty for helping and supporting us to solve the assignment in time. I would also like to thank Mr. Shafiqul Islam Tushar (Brand Manager),Mr.Amit Roy(Brand Executive),Maidul hossain(Brand Executive),Mainul huq (Brand officer),Wahiduzzaman (Brand officer),Tuhin Sultana (Brand officer),Shamol Halder(B.O),Tazul Islam(Event Head),Sanaul Sikder(E.M.O),Ilias Mia(E.M.O) and Sumit Chakrabarty (AMO) of Akij Food and Beverage Ltd. for providing me enough support and guidance to enrich my report. I also want to especially thank to my supervisor Mr. Nazmul Huq, who has helped me in the preparation of this assignment.

I am also grateful to my parents and all of my friends for their continuous support and to all those who have in some way contributed to the preparation of this report.

Last but not the least; I am grateful to all the respondents for patiently furnishing the required information, which was needed for successful completion of this report.


I hereby declared that this report entitled “A Survey on Consumer Perception & Positioning Strategy Followed By Wild Brew” submitted by me to Stamford University Bangladesh for the partial fulfillment of B.B.A (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) degree is of my own and has not submitted to any other university or institute for the award of any degree as well as this paper may not use any actual market scenario.

Place: Dhaka

Date: August 10, 2006


Subbir Ahmed
BBA Id # BBA 02707121
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