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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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C4. _____ is managing profitable customer relationships.
a. Management
b. Control
c. Marketing
d. Human Resources

D5. The two fold goal of marketing is to attract new customers by promising superior value and to _____.
a. keep and grow current customers by delivering satisfaction b. keep and grow current customers by delivering competitive pricing c. keep and grow current customers by delivering friendly service d. all of the above

C6. Marketing is more than _____ and advertising.
a. distribution
b. promotion
c. selling
d. customer service

A7. Today, marketing must be understood in terms of making a sale and _____. a. satisfying customer needs
b. understanding customer value
c. customers’ self images
d. brilliant advertising

B8. Marketing is not only an exchange and managerial process, it is a _____. a. numbers game
b. social process
c. cultural process
d. subcultural process

A9. You have learned from experience as well as from this course that the most basic concept underlying marketing is that of _____.
a. selling and advertising
b. customer satisfaction
c. retaining customers
d. human needs

C10. As a new assistant marketing manager trainee, you learn in an orientation meeting that _____ are the form human needs take as they are shaped by culture and individual personality. a. wants

b. demands
c. self concepts
d. desires

C2. When your firm practices developing and maintaining a strategic fit between your organization’s goals and capabilities, it is forming a (an) _____. a. mission statement
b. values statement
c. strategic plan
d. operating plan

A3. At the corporate level, a company starts the strategic planning process by defining its overall purpose and _____. a. mission
b. values
c. vision
d. strengths

D4. A strategic plan has this item or items following its marketing objectives. a. budgetary requirements
b. target market selection
c. research plans
d. marketing strategies

D6. Which of the following does business portfolio planning entail? a. analyzing the current portfolio
b. deciding which units should receive more or less investment c. deciding which units should receive no further investment d. all of the above

B7. The firm you work for has decided to use the Boston Consulting Group’s approach to classify its business units. Upon what is the approach based? a. most profitable units
b. growth-share matrix
c. customer retention
d. cost-benefits

C8. The BCG market growth rate provides a measure of _____. a. company strength in the market
b. decline of competitors
c. market attractiveness
d. the unit stock value

B9. A common practice among marketers is to increase sales to current customers without changing their products. What is this practice called? a. market skimming
b. market penetration
c. market development
d. product extension

A10. A common practice among marketers is to identify and develop new markets for their existing products. This practice is called _____. a. market development
b. product development
c. market penetration
d. market skimming

D6. Defining people by their birth date may be less effective than segmenting them by their _____ or ____. a. income; occupation
b. lifestyle; occupation
c. lifestyle; life stage
d. occupation; life stage

B8. One of the major concerns for marketers about the natural environment is the _____. a. number of protestors against misuse
b. shortages of raw materials
c. increases in recycling
d. none of the above

A9. Marketers are aware of laws, government agencies, and pressure groups that influence or limit various organizations and individuals in a given society. We call this the _____ environment. a. social-legal

b. legal-cultural
c. political
d. legal-technological

A1. An MIS consists of people, equipment, and procedures to gather, sort, _____, evaluate, and distribute...
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