Marketing Project

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Marketing Project
Marketing Project

Mohit Parmar
The project is based on a Carbonated Drink called Limca which is not sold or found in the United Arab Emirates.

Mohit Parmar
The project is based on a Carbonated Drink called Limca which is not sold or found in the United Arab Emirates.

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Limca is a Lemon drink or something like a lemonade flavoured soft drink which is mainly made in India and it is also produced in a few parts of U.S.A. This drink was originated in India and has one of the biggest market shares of soft drinks there Research

I have personally spoken to customers that live in Dubai and have tried this drink in India or U.S.A and I have come to a point where approximately 75% of the 25 people that I asked they have mentioned that the drink is great and it should surely be sold in Dubai just as the other soft drinks and they all also think that it is a drink that will surely be liked by other people who haven’t tried this drink. I have also done some background research and I have realized that there is no carbonated lemon drink that is available in Dubai. And Limca is one of the drinks that are loved by the people that are from India and the people that live in Dubai. Another great example of such a product is the coffee that is produced by Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons is a coffee shop that had originated in Canada and is loved by everyone there. If you go to Canada, Tim Hortons is available almost everywhere. When Tim Hortons moved to Dubai they had one store on sheikh zayed road and they now have a store in almost every major mall and it is loved by all the Canadians and also all the other people who have not had their coffee before. Questionnaire

I have created a questionnaire that I had sent to 13 random people that I did not know, which means that I did not know whether they knew the drink or not and they have answered the 6 questions that I have asked.

After asking these questions to a few random people I have come to know that many people that I have sent this to know do know the drink and have tried the drink before. According to my research I have figured out that this drink would surely do a good job in Dubai if it was advertised well and if it was sold at all the right places. The only thing the drink would have to watch about is that there are also a lot of competitors in the same industry, which means that they would have to watch the prices and not increase it too much as customers would take the alternative instead. Internet

Ramesh Chauhan, the owner of Parle Agro was interviewed in 2008 and had revealed that he had come across the drink Duke’s Lemonade and had approached the owners requesting them to share the formula for the drink and he had also promised not to market it in India and this was turned done by the owners of Duke’s Lemonade. Ramesh Chauhan decided to come up with his own formula of a similar lemonade drink when he came up with the brand Limca in 1971. In 1992, when the Indian government allowed Coca-Cola to return for operations, at the same time as it admitted Pepsi for the first time, Coca-Cola bought local soft-drink brands, from Parle Agro owner Ramesh Chauhan including Limca, Thumbs Up, Maaza, Citra and Gold Spot. Coca-Cola and Pepsi had come to the Indian government in 1992 asking to return to making soft drinks in India, although Pepsi had not been in India before and it was their first time. Coca-Cola Then bought the local soft-drink brands for Parle Agro which included brands like Limca, Thumbs Up, Maaza, Gold Spot and Citra Limca mainly marketed in India is sold in 200 and 330 ml glass bottles with a maximum retail price of 8 Indian Rupees (INR) and 11 INR respectively. The 330 ml cans...
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