Marketing Planning & Strategy - Nestle

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  • Published : March 30, 2013
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Prepared by:
Sarah Aljenfawi
Bashayer S. Kout
Membership of Reporting Body:
– Environmental Analysis
– Market & Customer Analysis
– Competitive Analysis
– Internal Analysis
1. Membership of Reporting Body:
In response to the assessment our group has mutually agreed to investigate the strategic operations of the Boost Juice. The team is composed of four members. Each member has been allocated a specific scope to investigate further as listed below: • Environmental Analysis:

• Market & Customer Analysis:
• Competitive Analysis:
• Internal Analysis:
2. Aim of Report:
3. Background and Context:
I. Brief Description of Industry:
Nestlé is a multinational company based in Switzerland. Nestlé operates in food industry. In 1905, Nestlé was formed as a result of a merger between a Swiss and English company which was established in 1866. Initially, Nestlé started to offer condensed milk formula and milk related products to customers (Nestlé, 2013). Later on, it expanded its offerings to other food related items. Gradually, Nestlé grew and made significant success stories. In the First World War and also in Second World War, Nestlé expanded its products to other countries. The company produces snack and health related products. The head quarter of Nestlé is in Vevey. In terms of revenues, Nestlé is the largest food company of the world. The objectives of Nestlé are to become leader in Health and Wellness and nutrition. In addition to this, the company also aims to be trusted by other stakeholders regarding its business and financial performance. Nestlé offers wide range of products and services. The portfolio of company covers all categories of food and beverages industry. The aim of Nestlé is to provide healthy eating and drinking experience to customers so that they can enjoy every stage of their...
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