Nestle: Coffee Preparation and National Brands

Topics: Coffee preparation, Brand, Coffee Pages: 11 (4099 words) Published: July 23, 2008
Background: Nestlé is the world's largest food and beverage company ( At the end of 2004 Nestle sales amounted to over R86 billion and the company today employs more than 250 000 people around the world ( In South Africa, Nestle employs nearly 4000 people and operates over 12 factories ( Nestlé’s main objective is to manufacture the best quality and most innovative products for consumers, hence their logo “Good Food, Good Life” ( Nestle was founded in the 1866 by Henri Nestlé and has been at the forefront of developing quality products that satisfy the need for good, healthy food ( During its 138 years of existence, Nestlé has analysed its market and has adapted to many market trends. Originally the market wanted food that was safe and food was considered good, when it was ( Soon consumer demands became more sophisticated requiring food to be wholesome as well as quick to prepare ( This meant that if Nestlé were to attain its goals of producing good, healthy food that satisfied the needs of consumers, they needed to create the right mix of good, healthy food, with important nutrients that is also tasty and enjoyable as well as convenient to prepare ( Today, all these aspects are taken into account when producing Nestlé products. Nestlé has even gone further to recognise the demand for variations in products, noticing that the market desires products with specific characteristics to suit their specific needs e.g. Specific food for specific age groups such as toddlers and not just infants in general or the specific need for energy food for sporting activities ( Nestlé has kept up with these changing trends and is known as the leading company for good, healthy food worldwide ( It constantly promotes good, nutritious food with benefits to suit every person’s needs. Nestlé’s has an awesome history that shows its constant dedication to maintaining customer satisfaction and its aim to produce innovative products of high quality ( This is the result of a long-term strategy to develop products that are healthy and tasty. This continuing focus is evident in Nestlé’s strive to produce the best quality products, which offers the best benefits for the customer and attempts to effectively satisfy their ever-changing needs ( Today conducts extensive research to deliver personalised nutritional products that also specifically target individual risk factors such as obesity and diabetes. Nestle actively attempts to remain innovative and attempt to find solutions of the future. Nestle is a well established brand in South Africa which is evident by its dominate presence in many South African consumer markets. For a more comprehensive history on the Nestlé Company, see Appendix A. To also look at certain Nestle policies, see Appendix A (1). Nestlé’s Objective: Nestlé ultimately aims to produce good, healthy food that contains important nutrients, which is also tasty and enjoyable and convenient to prepare. In doing so, their products must always satisfy the changing needs of consumers ( NESTLE COFFEE:

Introduction: Nestlé’s Management Report for 2004 gave figures that depicted a drop in overall beverage sales ( In regard to coffee, Nestle is focused on increasing consumer demand for coffee ( They want to improve the understanding of coffee’s positive effects on the human body as coffee has too often been associated with alleged negative effects...
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