Marketing Plan - Wedding Cakes by Design

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Wedding Cakes by Design
Marketing Plan

Executive Summary
Wedding Cakes by Design (WCD) is a specialty cake shop that specializes in delicious, beautifully decorated wedding cakes. Moreover, WCD offers a total experience package leading up to the wedding day for brides to be.

WCD offers a wide selection of wedding cake designs including traditional, contemporary and artistic. The price point for wedding cakes is affordable and depends on the chosen style of cake. Further, the company offers cakes that cater to the special dietary needs of diabetics and food allergy sufferers.

Most important to WCD’s offerings is the cake decorating party a bride to be can choose to include in her wedding cake package. This add-on will allow a bridal party to visit the bakery in the weeks preceding the ceremony and decorate mini-cakes similar to the one to be served at the wedding. This event is expected to be an alternative to or an additional type of wedding shower event.

WCD’s target client is the first time bride planning a wedding of less than 200 guests with a wedding budget of up to $15,000. The target market also includes individuals with special dietary needs that would be interested in sugar free and/or gluten free products. WCD works closely with wedding and event planners and coordinators. The primary source of clients will be through print and internet advertising, bridal shows, and word of mouth.

Management is strong and passionate about WCD. Each owner has made a significant financial investment in the company. However, competition in WCD’s chosen market is stiff, but with strong marketing company revenues are projected to be strong in year one and grow by a minimum of 50% annually.

Product Description
Wedding Cakes by Design (WCD) will be a specialty cake shop in Cary, NC that focuses on designing and making cakes for wedding parties. Cary has a population of 137,483 and the median age is about 33.7 years old (About Cary, 2006). These cakes will range in size and serving. This company will have a small town feel in addition to big city styles in the cakes. Many wedding cake companies in small towns only offer traditional styles of wedding cakes. Wedding Cakes by Design will offer a modern take on wedding cakes, giving the customer a wide selection of styles for the special occasion. Traditional flavors such as chocolate and vanilla will be the main flavors. Flavors such as strawberry, marble, lemon and carrot cake will be an option. Seasonal cake flavors would be available from request. Icing flavors will be chocolate, vanilla, cream cheese, lemon, and raspberry. Additional flavors are available on request. Decorations will range from simple fruit to intricate designs using frosting or additional decorative objects. WCD is an affordable option to have an elegant cake without the price of a cake from a high end baker. Having options is also important to cake customers. The menu selection has a variety of flavors for the customers to decide from but won’t have too many selections to make the decision making process too complicated. WCD helps make the cake an enjoyable experience while staying on track with our customers wedding planning.

* Ability to connect with customer base.
* Offer gluten free and sugar free options to satisfy special dietary needs. * Centrally located near a major city to be available to more rural communities. Weaknesses
* Smaller staff than most mainstream wedding cake companies. * Fewer flavor options than national wedding cake companies. * No corporate sponsor.
* Location near major shopping centers to appeal to additional customers. * Partnership with wedding venue.
* Involvement in community functions.
* Participation in local bridal show.
* Larger, national wedding cake companies in the area.
* Trends toward cupcakes and pies at weddings.
* Economic recession might...
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